Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Thinking Trees Again

Do you remember this drawing?
It is one I did early last year entitled:
"She Takes a Moment's Rest".
The original photo that I worked from was taken in Burundi and what attracted me in the first place was the tree!
I continue to get a lot of pleasure and peaceful feelings when I spend time gazing upon this scene.
This next item is a drawing I added to my collection about 3 1/2 years ago. I have always admired oriental brushwork -- both art and calligraphy. And all my regular readers know how I feel about trees!

I remember how impressed I was when I saw this drawing in a pile of cards that were free for the taking.
It gave me such pleasure to look at it and to think that with just a few brush strokes you could have a tree -- and not just any tree, but a tree that was almost like an ink blot in which you could see many different things.
For example, it could be a dead tree, but I saw it as a live tree in winter without it leaves.
As I sat and looked at it, I also managed to see a crucifix, a vulture, a man (or a woman) standing next to a dead tree by a stream of water. Strange what we can manage to see in just a few lines or brush strokes.
Try it and see what you find. If you want to let me know, feel free, as always to write me at sallie@ican.net
This next item is one I received from a friend recently and it has a special meaning for me. It is at a place called Wormsloe State Park just outside of Savannah, Georgia, USA. It is the roadway that once led into one of those grand, old southern plantations -- places that looked so beautiful on the outside but on the inside were so full of human misery. If only these trees could talk, think of the stories they could tell.

Anyway, the reason why this spot is so special to me is because it was one of the places I visited with my sister, Betty, and her husband, B.K, about 15 years ago. They have both since died -- in fact, we are coming up to the first anniversary of my sister's death on March 6th.

Receiving this photograph at this time is what I call a blessing.

May you all be blessed with peace and joy.

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