Monday, 17 March 2008

A Bit of A Muddle

Well, this has been quite a day!

First of all, I had a visit from a client who spent three hours going over most of my collection with me. He said: "my living room walls are almost completely blank and I want you to help me fill them".

So, the first area we are working on is the large space above the sofa. He decided that he wanted two grouping: one group of three drawings and one of two.

The first group will consist of these first three items: the wild iris -- an early watercolour of mine --, the Japanese garden and the B.C. coastline. The finished size of each will be about 9 x 12.

The other "group" will be the Inukshuk and the drawing entitled "Fire and Ice".

The "Fire and Ice" drawing was his favourite one, I think, and started the whole process.
After this space is filled, we will consider what to do about the remaining walls.
He does have some other items that I am helping him with that I think would look good in his living room, but he, of course, will have to make the final decision.

This next item I included simply because I found it so amusing. I was working on this last night when it struck me how laughable it was that in the final week of Winter 2007/2008 I should find myself working on a client's order for stationery for their 2008 Christmas letter! Nothing like being ahead of schedule.
Of course, none of these things explain my rather strange title.
The "muddle" that I am feeling was caused by watching the news this evening where I saw a quick clip of Robert Latimer being interviewed as he arrived in Ottawa. And although I want to say lots more, I am not going to because if I do I will go from being in a bit of a muddle to being in a real dither! English is such a fun language!
As we continue into this holiest of weeks for Christians, I wish you all -- whatever your faith or lack of it -- a time of peace and joy.

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