Friday, 7 March 2008

Deep Space

Here is the latest version of my most recent icon.

I called the first version "Our Lady, Theotokos, of the Universe" with the star chart in the background. This version is named "Our Lady, Theotokos, of the Galaxies" and in the background is a photograph taken by the Hubble telescope looking out into deep space.

As well, many of the solid forms, such as the halos, have been replaced with open space in order that the photographic background might show through.

I am trying to show my belief that the God who became man in Christ Jesus was, as St. John said in the beginning of his gospel, the One through whom all things came into being: "all things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made".

If you are interested, you might want to go back to the entry for February 28th and take a look at the first version and see which one appeals to you more -- if you have a liking for icons at all.

These next items are not my drawings but are pictures that I have in my collection because I really like them.

This first one is a photograph (I think) by someone named Robert Golden Holman. I found it somewhere on the Internet several years ago and was really struck by how beautiful the trees were in their regimentation.

If you inspected each one of those trees carefully you would find that they were uniquely different and yet, in this photograph, they look like soldiers in uniform.

Which is why, I guess, that I was so struck by this painting by Peter Colbert.

It is one of the items being featured at the Art Expo currently underway and when I first saw it in the newspaper, I thought: "hey, I recognize that painting".

It took me a few moments to remember why it looked so familiar and that it was, in fact, not the same as the photograph.

I cut it out of the newspaper and quickly added it to my collection of trees.

I hope that all my readers in Ontario are prepared for the big snow storm that is just getting underway. Stay home tomorrow if you can and watch the neighbourhood children make snow angels from inside where it is warm and dry!

Peace be with you all.

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