Thursday, 13 March 2008

Do Cats Snore?

First of all, I would like to introduce you to my photographer friend I keep referring to -- the one who inspired this drawing.

I showed you the moth version of this drawing two nights ago and here is the butterfly version.

I got permission from my friend to give her name: Brenda Whiteway and the link to her Flickr page.

Go and take a look at some of her beautiful photographs as you will no doubt be seeing more drawings on my blog inspired by them in days to come.

The next matter I would like to discuss has to do with my cat, miz k.d. Whenever I work on the computer, miz k.d. feels it is necessary to either get in the wing-back chair nearby or else in her bed located under my desk. In either case, she is quite close.

As I work away, she gets very deeply into her sleep. As she does so, she begins to make this strange noise. I have never heard a cat make such a noise in all the years I have been living with them! I would think she might have serious sinus problems if I did not know better, but there is also just a touch of a purr involved as well. If any of you have any suggestions about this feline mystery, please contact me at

This next item is a new greeting card I have created for a client of mine. What do you think?
You may recall that I had, at one point, created a greeting card which was a "take-off" on the famous Polish Solidarity union logo with the Canadian flag instead of the Polish flag. It was decided that this was not really appropriate since that logo was practically a sacred symbol to the Polish people -- and rightly so.

Thus, since the word "solidarity" is a good union word throughout the world and is used by many organizations, it was decided that we could do something totally different that would make it our own. We'll see if the p0wers that be agree with my artistic efforts!

Finally, tonight, I wanted to show you the latest version of the "Divine Mercy" icon. I decided to include the original Polish along with the English translation at the bottom. I have made a few other changes as well including softening the colours just a bit in an effort to make the image look a bit more gentle.

As always, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For those of you who live in southern Ontario, have you noticed that there seems to be just the smallest touch of warming in the air? Maybe, just maybe, the snow storms are over!

Peace be with you all.

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