Saturday, 1 March 2008

Is Anybody Out There?

I am well aware that that several of my most faithful readers and commentators have been very busy of late with things like trips and illness and political turmoil and house closings and such things. All of which are very legitimate reasons for not getting around to reading my blog or, if reading it, not having the time to send comments to me concerning it.

However, after a while, I really do begin to feel as though I am simply talking to myself. Posting drawings which I have drawn and then spending time explaining them to myself as though I did not know what I had drawn in the first place! Most peculiar situation to be in. It feels like I am a resident in the Twilight Zone.

I thought to myself recently that maybe I should just take a break for a while from posting on my blog and see how I feel about things. Then it dawned on me that I have no idea who to contact to say "I'm taking a break". What would happen if I became very ill and there could be no more salliesART ever? I've tried to find someone to contact, but I just keep being taken around and around in circles -- always ending up at Blogger Help which is no help at all in this matter!

Also, my blog is attached to this Adsense thing that allows Google to post these little advertisements at the top of my blog. I don't even know how I would tell them to stop that if I had to. I think someone is required to put some Html code into my blog, but I have no idea what or where.

Some days I really do feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Oh, by the way, the drawing at the beginning of tonight's post was prompted by another one of those photos that came with my latest email from the Jane Goodall Foundation. It inspired me to try once again to try to draw some more chimpanzees. One of these days I am going to finally figure out how to draw them so that they look the way I want them to.

Oh, well, that's enough complaining for one evening.


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