Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Letter "B"

The title for tonight's posting "The Letter B" comes from the fact that all three pictures are taken from the "B" section of my picture files!

What makes this of interest to me is that this first drawing started out as an imaginery butterfly but then morphed into an imaginery moth.

The flowers and leaves were fairly distinct in the photograph I was looking at so I was able to restrain myself somewhat when it came to drawing them, but since the butterfly was not too clear, I just couldn't control myself. I kept playing with it and playing with it until I had to admit that I had drawn a moth and not a butterfly. Oh, well...

The original photograph that inspired me was taken by the regular reader I was telling you about recently who takes such beautiful photos.

Then, when I was making certain that the butterfly/moth file had ended up where it should be, I noticed this item I had saved from 2006.

This is a watercolour wash by an artist named R. MacIver and the painting of a butterfly is named "Deep Purple". He had a web site at one point if you are interested in seeing more of his work.

Then I also noticed another item in the B's that I don't think I have ever posted before of two kitty cats at play.

This is called "Black and White" which is how it happened to end up in the B section of my picture files.

You know, it isn't easy drawing any kind of face upside down!

I am working hard on several orders these days. But since art and related activities are never really work for me, I have to admit that I am having lots of fun.

Wishing you all much joy and peace.

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