Monday, 3 March 2008

Life is Hard and Then

I came across another of my old tree photos this weekend with a commentary attached. It was entitled: Life is Hard and Then...

Before I show it to you, let me show you a recent drawing entitled: "Haitian Princess".

I found the photo of this young, Haitian girl on a web site of poor children. She may be poor, but she looks defiant to me.

Certainly at the time this photo was taken her spirit had not been broken. I pray that it still has not.

Maybe she will even end up as strong and beautiful as our present Governor-General The Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean.

"This tree is broken in places, but not killed. It has suffered greatly, but most of the trunk remains intact and so there is the very real possibility that it will survive and become productive again.

I identify with its degree of brokenness since I, too, feel extremely broken by the "storms" of life.

And, not only has the tree survived, it is a source of life to others as evidenced by the bird taking roost on its barren limbs.

As well, the light that seems to come from within is my experience of light within -- the light which no storms seem to be able to completely extinguish. Did He not say that He is the Light of the World?

I have often wondered what it is about me and trees.

For years I took photographs of dead trees -- barren and lifeless. Now I draw pictures of living, healthy trees which I identify with God. Then, when I finally decide to depict myself as a tree, I choose a broken and barren tree in a photograph entitled "The Killing Fields".

Even though I have survived, I frequently continue to see the world as a place of great danger. Every day I think about dying -- even if it is just reminding myself that any moment could be my last as I run across a busy downtown street.

As well, there is that moment most days when I feel so weary of living that I long for living to cease. But then, in the midst of that weariness of heart, another bird flies in to roost among my broken branches -- and my life has meaning once again!"
(commentary by Sallie Thayer, December, 1995)

Peace be with you all.

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