Thursday, 27 March 2008

Same old, same old

Well, the week is progressing as usual. I am as confused as I usually am on Thursday!

Why on earth I get Thursday and Friday so completely mixed up these days is beyond me -- but I do -- and it can make for some very laughable mistakes. The rest of the days are OK, but Thursday and Friday -- I don't know what's going on.

Anyway, as you can see from the drawing above, I have been busy on the computer as usual.

After I showed you the photo of the Redbud tree earlier this week, I couldn't stop thinking about them. So, I decided to try drawing a branch of a tree in bloom. This is the first draft stage which I reached late this afternoon.

I am not sure what its official name will be. At this point, it is listed on my computer as "close-up, Redbud, March 2008".

One rather different thing I did this afternoon was to stop by for a visit with my Tibetan friend at the Market (St. Lawrence Market, lower level).

I had a copy of the Tibetan protest drawing with me and I wanted to get her opinion about what should be on the sign the young monk is carrying.

First of all, she seemed very moved by the fact that I had drawn such a picture in the first place and asked me a few questions about it. She then became silent and gazed at the drawing for a few moments. Letting out a sigh, she simply said: "Peace -- peace is what I would put on it".

I am not sure if she said "Peace" because that is what she so desperately wants for her people or because that is what she really feels would make the best placard. Whatever, I was very grateful for her input.

Not counting my original slogan of "Let Me Speak Tibetan", there have been three suggestions: "Stop Murdering Hope"; "Peace"; "Free to Be Me (Let Me Be Me)". If you have thought of a slogan or if you have some thoughts on those already suggested, please contact me.

While I was visiting with my Tibetan friend, she showed me some drawings done by a Tibetan lady now living in India. This is a sample of one of the cards that are for sale.

Evidently, this lady was living in Tibet until about 9 months ago when her husband was arrested by the Chinese for something. He has since disappeared into the prison system and she and her children fled to India. She is earning money by doing paintings on cloth which are made into cards (small and large) and bought by vendors from Canada and the U.S. Part of the proceeds go to help the new group of refugees who are coming to India now. Anyway, the small cards are only $1.50 each and they are really quite lovely.

So ends another day which I must remember is only Thursday (tomorrow will be Friday)!! My next posting is supposed to be on Saturday night. I may be writing to you in the dark with my computer working off its battery! Anyway, it will be interesting to see how dark downtown Toronto will get for one hour.

Peace be with you all.

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