Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Signs of Spring

Crocuses have actually been sighted in many different parts of the city -- always a sure sign of spring.

This recent drawing of mine is entitled "Crocuses -- A Sign of Spring" and was inspired by a feature that the Toronto Star has been running lately in which local folks are sending in photos of signs of spring in their back yards, local parks, etc.

So, even though a big snow storm was predicted for today (it has never materialized), I felt like focusing on Spring.

All we have gotten of the predicted storm thus far is a bit of cold rain, some big, wet snowflakes and some wind gusts. I will be watching the evening news soon and will find out what the latest predictions are, but so far it looks as though the 5 to 10 cm of snow have missed us. Hooray!

Or should I say "Alleluia" in this Easter Season.

I could not resist taking a quick look under the heading for Spring today at Cross Daily.com

This is one of my favourite web sites for beautiful photographs and even though you have to purchase the photo in order to get it without their mark on it, I just enjoy looking at the lovely images. Sometimes I get ideas for drawings from them as well.

This particular photo speaks to me so clearly about spring in the Niagara River area. During the years I spent in the convent living by the river, we would watch the willows that lined the river begin their change of colours. First would come this marvellous shade followed by the green leaves of early spring with the slightly darker green and gold of late summer and early fall.

When the trees had this early growth on them and the sun was shining through them, it would sometimes look as though they were made of gold. It was such a beautiful sight against the springtime blue of the sky.

Another item I found on Cross Daily.com which is another reminder for me of Springtime is this view of a Red bud tree.

I am not sure if they grow in Canada or not, I have never enquired, but they were very common in Alabama where I grew up.

I only have to think about them to hear my mother's voice in my memory talking about another beautiful Red bud tree that she had seen. She had such a love for flowering trees and plants.

Now, changing the topic entirely, I wanted to re-post the Divine Mercy icon. Why, you may ask -- since this will make three times in two weeks!

One of my friends who has made so many helpful suggestions since I started this blog 7 months ago, recently made another comment. She was lamenting the fact that while she preferred the rays separated, she was saddened that she could no longer see the feet.

As most of you are aware from my previous comments, this software that I use is so primitive that I cannot make colours transparent. So, while thinking about her remarks earlier today, I had the idea of trying to move the rays around just a bit so that the feet could at least be glimpsed.

This is the result. Let me know if you think it helps to improve the image.

Peace be with you.

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