Sunday, 9 March 2008

Snowstorms Are Productive

Well, not being able to get out on Saturday meant that I was able to finish up a drawing that I had started earlier in the week. So the snow storm enabled me to be more productive than usual!

This drawing is a new icon of sorts. It is based on the traditional drawing of the Divine Mercy image and is normally presented looking like this (see the image of Christ in the backgroud):

This image appeared to St. Maria Faustina, a Polish nun, in the early 1930's. She was instructed to ask permission to get it painted with the words written underneath (in Polish, of course) "Jesus I trust in Thee (You)". She was never satisfied with the work of the artists who tried to capture what she described to them -- which is as it should be since she was trying to describe something supernatural. This is why it makes more sense to me to try to present the image as an icon.

This is truly just a first draft and I have a lot of thinking to do about it as I continue to work on it. All and any suggestions will be appreciated.

This next drawing actually did not get drawn because of the snow storm but because I had to stay home all day on Friday waiting for batteries!

That's right -- batteries -- for my wheelchair. Shoppers Home Health Care promised to deliver two new batteries for my power wheelchair on Friday and asked me to please stay at home all day and wait for them.

I stayed at home all day and waited -- but, guess what -- they never showed up. Not only that, when I tried to call the sales representative, all I got was the voice mail.

So, rather than get angry, I spent the whole day working on this new drawing and listening to a book on CD.

It is entitled "Columbine Blossom" and although I still plan to keep working on it, I feel happy with it already.

What do you think?

I have heard from several more of my regular readers lately which always makes me feel good. One person really liked the sad-faced Chimpanzee drawing from a week or so ago. The one where I asked if Chimpanzees can feel sadness too. Another reader sent me a link to a really lovely collection of photos she has taken. I am hoping that she will soon be making that information available to the general public so you can all enjoy it as well. I have gone back several times to admire her work.

Meanwhile, I was pleased to see that we are going to be having above freezing temperatures for most of the rest of this week -- no more snow -- just watch out for the flooding!

Peace be with you all.

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