Monday, 14 April 2008

The Final Third

As you may recall, I mentioned my plans to do three icons of The Holy Family.

There are two reasons why I wanted to do this. One is simply because it is an icon that is very dear to my heart.

The other reason has to do with a course I teach in which I need three icons of the same subject that are slightly different so that reaching a consensus on the favourite may require a bit of negotiation.

So here is the third icon.

This is perhaps the most different of all since it shows Jesus as a teenager, before the death of Joseph, at what appears to be a family Seder meal.

This seems very fitting with Passover being this next weekend.

I have included once again the Holy Family icon that I showed you for the first time last month.

As well, as the first Holy Family icon that I did about a year ago.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now know how much I love drawings and sculptures of hands. Holy Family icons always have three sets of hands, loving hands. Perhaps that is what attracted me to this particular icon from the first time I saw it so many years ago.
How wonderful to be included in that circle of loving hands.
May peace be with you all.

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