Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hubble and Me

A client asked me to do something for him that would show symbols of the different major world religions. At first I tried putting clip art on one long sheet. He kind of liked it but it wasn't really what he wanted.

He then said he would like it to have something to do with the photos from the Hubble telescope! So I suggested that we have two 8 x 10 prints on 9 x 12 plaques with shots from the Hubble telescope as the background. He liked the idea.

I started playing around with the idea today and this is what I have accomplished thus far. We decided that one plaque would have the three religions on it that are known as the "people of the book". The three, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consider Abraham as the father of their faith and all three religions have a book which they believe contains the inspired teaching brought to man from God.

For those of you who may not know, the quote at the top is the beginning of the Gospel according to St. John. Also, the "fish" symbol behind the Holy Bible is one of the earliest symbols for Christians.

The second plaque will have the other major religions on it.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and symbols representing any and all nature religions.

The title at the bottom is the mantra used in some forms of Buddhism, particularly Tibetan Buddhism, and the OM at the top is simply the first word of the mantra. OM is often used by practitioners of yoga as well for breathing exercises. Yoga is a part of the huge and complex Hindu religion.

At the back of both the plaques are two beautiful "photographs" taken by the Hubble telescope and found on the Hubble website which is filled with incredibly beautiful pictures.

When I went there last night to try to find some suitable background material, I was truly overwhelmed by what I saw. Some of the pictures were so impossibly magnificent that they brought tears to my eyes and anyone who knows me well, knows it takes something really powerful to do that! I just sat there, staring at the images on my computer, praising and thanking God.

I could not resist saving a few more to my picture files even though I kept telling myself that I could always go back and find them on the web site! Anyway, here are a few that I couldn't resist.

If I recall correctly, this is something that is dying. I hope I look half as beautiful when I am dying!

The crab nebula has always been a favourite of mine. What amazes me is the colour of the blue/blue-green. Truly, God gets all the best colours in His palette!

This Keyhole Nebula was one of the early photographs taken back in 2000. Once again, I love the colours -- especially the pinkish brown.

I am almost finished with the latest icon I was telling you about recently. I have been busier these days than usual with new clients and new jobs from old clients. This is good, but it does interfere with my time for my own drawing.

Here's hoping you have a good rest of the weekend! May peace be with you all.

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