Sunday, 6 April 2008

Peace and War

This is the new icon I was mentioning -- and the "peace" part of tonight's posting.

It is obviously another drawing of The Holy Family. I need three different versions of the Holy Family icon for a course that I am teaching. This is my second one. As soon as I feel I am finished with this one, I will start on another one.

As always, working on this icon has brought me a lot of happiness and pleasure for which I am very grateful. But remember, this is just a first draft so any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

This next item is the beginning of the "War" part of tonight's posting and I am using my old drawing of the soldier and the kitty cat as an illustration.

You may not be aware, but I am a supporter of the War Resisters movement and send the occasional letter to our Canadian government trying to get them to agree to allow those Americans who have gone AWOL from Iraq to stay in Canada and not be sent back to the U.S. They are having an event tomorrow night that any of my blog readers from the Toronto area might be interested in attending. Here is the information:


Video screening, Monday April 7, 7 pm

Health Sciences Building, University of Toronto, 155 College Street (@ McCaul)

From March 13 to 16 this year, 200 veterans of the Iraq war testified at Winter Soldier, a conference organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War in Washington.The testimonials were modelled on the original Winter Soldier hearings during the Vietnam War, when returning soldiers told of the reality of the war on the ground and the need to keep organizing to end the war. Join us on Monday April 7Th at 7 pm to watch some of these historic testimonials from both the original Winter Soldier, and Winter Soldier II, and to get an update on the situation of US war resisters who are seeking asylum in Canada.

Sponsored by the U of T NDP and USW Local 1998 Political Action Committee.For more info call 416.856.5008.

Finally, continuing with "war", I wanted to show you the final slogans I ended up with in my "Free Tibet" drawing.

The newest one is "Denounce the Dalai Lama NEVER!" This was inspired by the latest move from the Chinese. Evidently, they plan to require all Buddhist monks in Tibet to denounce allegiance to the Dalai Lama and to make a commitment instead to the government of China!

The next one "Made in China" with a line through it was inspired by the human rights group I am involved with:
They are recommending that people try to stop buying items made in China.

This third one was inspired by the recommendations of two of my friends -- Brenda W. and Alice H. They both came up with practically the same suggestions within a day of each other. Both of them felt strongly that Tibetans should have the right to be themselves... to speak their own language, to keep their culture and to practice their own religion.

A big thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions. I really appreciated all the help I got.

I hope it has been Spring-like weather wherever you are. It has been beautiful in Toronto this weekend. The wind is still cold, but the sunshine is bright and glorious.

Peace be with you.

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