Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Stairway to Somewhere

For some reason I have been thinking about stairways today.

I'm can't really imagine why. I mean, I can no longer climb stairs myself -- not even very low stairs -- but I still enjoy thinking about them.

Take a look at the photo above.

I don't know where these stairs are located, but the picture was taken by my cousins, Ron and Sharon, who live in Tennessee and take absolutely beautiful photographs. See

This next photo was taken by someone I once knew when she was on a trip in the former Yugoslavia -- I think this was in Croatia.

To me it is so typical of southern Europe -- so appealing and so totally inaccessible to anyone in a wheelchair! Oh, well, I can still sit at the bottom and enjoy looking up.

This interesting picture was taken by a dear friend. I think it may be some location in northeastern North America -- maybe Vermont, but I am really not at all sure.

It is not as appealing to me as a closed-in stairway or a dark stairway that leads to sunlight but I do love the trees on each side. In time, they may get big enough to give the feeling of shadowy depths that I like so much.

Finally, there is a piece of clip-art that I have used on occasion as the background for portraits of young people and children.

The shadowy stairway leading somewhere suggests a young life full of unknown potential.

Perhaps this is why I was thinking about stairways in the first place.

I had a meeting with a delightful young couple today who are starting out on a very important aspect of Life's journey -- climbing their own stairway to somewhere wonderful.

Peace be with you all.

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