Friday, 18 April 2008

Tranquility Reigns

Here is my latest drawing.

I find it rather tranquil and as I finished it off this evening, I thought "how pleasant that after such a hectic day, in the end, tranquility reigns."

I am thinking of naming the drawing "Tranquility Reigns" -- it is either that or something clever like "Gazebo and Swan"!!

At this point, you may or may not be wondering why my day was so hectic -- well, I will tell you... it started off hectic because of the following drawing.

As you have seen several times previously, this is my drawing of the Count from the opera, The Marriage of Figaro. I used a couple of photos of the performer playing the role in this particular production to do the drawing. The purpose of this drawing was so that it could be placed in a frame on stage as a portrait -- and actually look like the person playing the part.

Well, it sounds like a good plan. What I did not realize was that my computer software really cannot turn out LARGE images. This one needed to be 30 x 40 inches and the biggest size I have ever tried to print is 9 x 12.

Early this morning I took my memory stick over to the print shop with the file on it saved in the highest resolution I could manage -- 600 dpi -- and left it with them. I don't know how it actually turned out, but I can only assume that it did not look very professional by the time it was printed!

Oh, well, as I always say, these things are good to help me learn humility. After fretting and fussing about it for a while, I realized that I couldn't change a single thing so I might as well let it go and get on with my day.

Of course, that did not mean that the problems of my day were finished -- the remainder were simply much smaller and did not have so much impact on my silly ego!

As I was doing some work this evening, I came across another photo from the Hubble telescope which I had meant to include in the images I showed you recently from the Hubble.

This is such a beautiful one. It seemed a shame not to share it with you. Also, it is the perfect type of picture with which to end my day -- truly it puts everything in perspective. If I didn't believe deeply that I am known and loved as an individual by the one who created all these things, I would think such images might be overwhelming, even frightening. But then I don't know how other people really feel or think -- so I can only hope that they, too, are filled with awe and indescribable joy upon beholding such images of the deep space that surrounds us. That's enough preaching.

Oh, by the way, I promised an acquaintance that I would help to promote this event coming up on April 24. Any of you in the Toronto area who are interested in our friends, the primates, might enjoy this event very much.

I cropped the photo so you could get a better view of the Orangutan.

Wishing you, and all of creation, Peace.

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