Thursday, 10 April 2008

What a Day!

It seemed like such a lovely day when I opened my balcony door at 6:45 this morning to let in the fresh, rather cool breeze. The sun was shining brightly and the kitty cat already had one eye open!

Things progressed routinely. My home care arrived at 8 and left a little before 9 a.m. Then it was time for me to get myself organized to go down to the lobby to meet my friend for our usual Thursday morning coffee outing.

[A photo taken of me last summer visiting with a young friend but it gives you a good idea of what my wheelchair looks like.]

I got myself into my wheelchair and started to back up in order to position myself for going out the door. The chair would not back up. In fact, it was spinning its wheels just like I was sitting on ice. I could not imagine what had gone wrong.

I got myself out of the chair and using my rollator/walker, managed to investigate. I discovered a number of pieces of what appeared to be candle wax. Further investigation revealed that I had tried to back up over a candle that had been sitting on a low table by the front door the day before!

How on earth had it gotten under my chair?

I asked miz k.d. what she knew about this situation, but she just looked at me with those innocent green eyes and blinked.

The temptation was to blame her, but I knew that my home care had also been working in that area during the morning.

Nevermind, I said to myself, the concern of the moment was how was I going to get myself out of this mess so I could meet my friend who was waiting for me downstairs?

It was already past the time I was supposed to meet her and, unfortunately, she doesn't carry a cell phone.

I won't try to describe the gymnastics I went through to remove the broken pieces of candle while trying to hold securely to the walker and the wheelchair, but I finally got enough of the mess out of the way so that my chair made contact with the floor once again.

Almost in a state of collapse, I got back in the chair and headed for the lobby -- sure that my friend would be sitting there tapping her foot impatiently. But, no, she was busy talking to several other friends from the building and hardly seemed to notice I was even late!

We went to one of our favourite coffee shops where I ordered my usual latte. You would think that at this point I could begin to relax; however, that was not the case.

Just prior to the episode with the chair, I had checked my email once last time before leaving and found an email from a client -- a very picky client.

He had somehow found out that I was planning on meeting a mutual acquaintance this afternoon. He planned to see this mutual acquaintance later in the day. So he had the bright idea that the mutual acquaintance could act as a go-between and bring samples of the most recent work he had ordered. All I had to do was make copies of the work and get it to the mutual acquaintance when we met.

The one problem was WHEN was I supposed to have time to make these sample copies?

After having coffee with my friend, I had a doctors appointment, followed by a business appointment, followed by the meeting with the mutual acquaintance!

So, while I was sitting there trying to relax and enjoy my latte, my cell phone rings. It is the "mutual acquaintance" calling. She was not feeling well and would not be able to meet me after all. Truly, I was very sorry to hear that she was not feeling well, but it is surprising how much more I could relax once I knew I no longer had to worry about making the sample copies for the client!

Truly, I am very fortunate in so many ways.

This drawing from several years ago is called "My Neighbourhood" (The St. Lawrence Neighbourhood) and is the area of Toronto I live in. It is a great place to live especially for someone who is disabled.

This morning I left my wheelchair accessible apartment and went for coffee in one of several accessible coffee shops in the area. I then drove myself to my doctor's appointment at a local hospital. Next I drove myself to a meeting at a local business. On the way home, I stopped off on the local supermarket. Finally, in the early evening, my end-of-the-day home care arrived and got me ready for bed.

It is simply impossible for me not to feel grateful.

Wishing you all an abundance of blessings as well.

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