Saturday, 10 May 2008

All Shall Be Well?

Since I am still not feeling well, I decided to focus on horses tonight.

Like many women, I have always been very fond of horses. Yes, I have heard all the rude jokes and comments, but my attraction has always been related to their beauty and gracefulness.

I had a horse when I was growing up which looked something like the one above on the right (your right) and like the one above was also a Tennessee Walking Horse.

His name was Skipper (why I do not know) and he was not registered so he was inexpensive to purchase. Thankfully, he had never been treated with caustic chemicals on his hooves in an attempt to make that famous "walk" more pronounced.

Almost all children grow up with a love for horses and if they can't have the real thing, they will settle for anything from a fancy rocking horse to an old broomstick.

This photo, by the way, is one of my beautiful cousin who lives in Tennessee where the Tennessee Walking horses originated back in the 1800's.

Here is another little girl showing a developing love for horses. This youngster is obviously disabled, but that should not keep her from learning to ride the gentle horse she is getting acquainted with.

As you have seen previously, I have done several drawings of horses although I am not very good at it. The artist needs to be able to show all those well-developed muscles and my knowledge of "equine" anatomy is weak.

This drawing was done from a photograph of Arabian horses running across an open field in Poland. The original photo showed about twenty horses and I tried to draw three of them.

Here is a familiar drawing from my Christmas selection. These were actually the first horses that I attempted to draw on the computer. I remember thinking that they were a good choice since I was showing mainly their backsides!

No one has ever paid too much attention to this drawing, including me. I originally drew it because the idea of making a solitary ride through the snowy woods appealed to me. So, the lady on the horse is supposed to represent me.
But it really isn't a very exciting drawing nor is it particularly expressive of any season other than winter -- and so far we are not sending each other greeting cards just because it is winter ...

So, for a while now I have thought about horses and past drawings and not about the discomfort in my poor eye. Thanks for listening.

As the title says: All shall be well.

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