Monday, 12 May 2008

Birthdays Galore

For me, May is a month of many birthdays of friends and acquaintances.

Two of the most special people in my life have birthdays in May and I like to not only give them cards but also a meaningful gift or two (or three or four).

Then there are several friends that I like to give a little remembrance to along with a birthday card.

The item above is one such remembrance. It is for a friend who, like myself, finds this quote from the English mystic, Julian of Norwich, very meaningful. So I made her a fridge magnet with the quote on it!

Then there are acquaintances that I like to keep in touch with by sending birthday cards each year.

This week happens to be a very "heavy" birthday week which explains why I haven't had time to finish the latest drawing that I have been working on -- I have been creating too many birthday cards instead!

I am not really sure why I get such pleasure from remembering people's birthdays, but I do.

I did grow up in a home where my birthday was often largely ignored since it is so near to Christmas, but somehow it just seems right and proper to me to rejoice in the gift of life -- symbolized by birthdays.

So, happy birthday to all of you born in this lovely month of Our Lady, the Month of May.


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