Friday, 16 May 2008

Brenda's Photos

This is a first draft of a drawing entitled "Signs of Spring".
I wanted it to have something of an oriental appearance. What do you think?

The model for the drawing was a recent photograph taken by the photographer I have mentioned to you before. Her name: Brenda Whiteway and the link to her Flickr page.

She really does excellent work and I find I am often inspired by her photographs.

Do you remember the other drawings I did from her photos recently?

See what I mean?

Her photographs inspired me to do these drawings.

Otherwise, I trust that all my fellow Canadians are planning on having an enjoyable holiday weekend -- for those of you in the U.S. who read my blog, Monday is Victoria Day in Canada.

Then, if I remember correctly, next weekend is a long weekend in the States -- Memorial Day. So everybody gets some time off to rest and recreate.

miz k.d. and I will be lazing around the neighbourhood as usual.

May you all stay safe and healthy.


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