Thursday, 8 May 2008

Still Struggling

I am still struggling, trying to see without pain after my eye was damaged this past Tuesday. Thankfully, the damage is just temporary.

The poor people of Burma are struggling once again -- this time as the result of Cyclone Nargis. Just a year ago or so they were struggling in their fight for democracy and now the very elements seem to be conspiring against them.

Plus the ignorant people who rule them refuse to allow the world to help the survivors since we have said nasty things about them in the past!

Then those of us who are people of faith struggle to make sense out of all our personal and collective suffering.

Christians have struggled with this question since the day Our Lord, Jesus Christ, died on the cross.

If you look closely at the drawing of the Pieta, you should notice several changes -- some of them are as the result of suggestions of knowledgeable friends and others are ones that seem appropriate to me. I feel that the icon is now very close to being finished.

Meanwhile, I wish you peace and happiness.

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