Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Thy Will Be Done

This is a first draft of my latest icon -- Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This is not a traditional topic for an icon but I have tried to do it in the traditional style.

I have certainly taken creative liberties with it by drawing such things as the chalice hanging in the air before the praying Christ.

The Scriptural account tells us the Christ prayed: "Father, if it be possible, let this chalice (cup) pass from me; yet, nevertheless, let Thy will not mine be done."

This is one of my favourite prayers as it is the favourite of many Christians. This scene is also my favourite "mystery" of the 20 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

It is also a prayer that I found myself praying yesterday while I listened to a woman in Nova Scotia speaking to me on the telephone.

She was telling me that the young girl whose picture you see above was no longer my foster child.

The girl's name is Sandra Elizabeth and she is from Guatemala. I "adopted" her just before she begin kindergarten through a Catholic organization called Chalice. We have been exchanging letters, cards, drawings, etc. ever since. She had done reasonably well in school and had shown some real artistic potential.

She is about 13 years old now and she has completed grade 6. AND she has left school and gone to work. This means she has lost her place in the program and can no longer be my foster daughter.

It is interesting that just a few weeks ago I had decided to add another youngster to my gang of girls that I am helping to get educated. Last week I received news that little Maria from the Ukraine was now my foster child.

This helped to take away some of the pain over the loss of Sandra Elizabeth -- and over the fact that she won't be continuing her education...

So, I have to say once again: Thy will not mine be done.


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