Sunday, 15 June 2008

Butterfly, Butterfly

I was in a butterfly-type mood this weekend and so I decided to finish drawing this picture I started working on last month.

I wasn't feeling too creative in the naming department and so I have ended up calling it "Sweet Butterfly, Version 2" for the time being.

I actually enjoyed drawing the purple thistle as well although it is not really a very attractive plant in the wild.

Working on this drawing put me in mind of some of the other butterfly drawings I have done over the past few years.

This one, as you may recall, is entitled, "Brenda's Butterfly" because the image I worked from was a photograph taken by my friend, Brenda Whiteway.

This one was entitled simply "Sweet Butterfly", but now that I have used the same name for my new drawing, I will have to rename it "Sweet Butterfly, Version 1".

This one is entitled "Monarch Migration" and is a much older drawing, but it is still a popular one for people who order greeting cards from me.
I hear the thunder rumbling again so I guess another rain storm is on its way. I understand the whole week ahead of us is supposed to be cool and rainy so I guess I won't be seeing too many butterflies.
Anyway, I do like thunder storms so long as they don't cause anyone harm -- so I think I will go and enjoy this one while it lasts.
Peace be with you all.

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