Friday, 13 June 2008

Sittin' and a thinkin'

Sittin' and a puzzlin' over things is more like it!

I sent my new computer in for diagnosis and treatment today (if you recall, I have had problems with the screen since I purchased it). So, here I am tonight trying to use my old computer.

When I went to set up my email on this computer again, I discovered that everything worked fine except for Outlook -- it refused to give me the option to send and receive!

Finally, I got MSN to work and am now receiving my email (and sending email) on the website of my ISP!

I am also having to use MSN to access the Internet. It works fine except each time I open the home screen, this cheery, mechanical voice says "Hello". I think that is going to get very annoying.

Hopefully, my new computer will be easily fixed and be back to me by this time next week.

This also means, of course, that I am limited for now in what I can share with you in terms of Sallie's art.

So, instead, tonight I will share with you a couple of really beautiful photographs by a professional photographer friend. Unfortunately, my computer downloads can't do justice to the spectacular shades of gray that he is able to achieve.

This was on the cover of this year's Christmas card.

He has been a life-long fan of Ansel Adams and I think you can see that influence in this photograph, but it is definitely more than just imitation.

This type of photograph is very easy to appreciate while many of his current works are a bit more demanding of the viewer.

I find this one especially beautiful in the starkness of its lines and contrasts.

I actually downloaded this one from a gallery website in Rochester, New York.

Well, I think I will now go back to trying to figure out how to do things on this poor, old computer that has never really recovered from the major crash it had a few months ago.

If all goes well, I may even be able to use my art software and start working on a new drawing. Wouldn't that be nice.

Peace be with you.

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