Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Still Taking it Easy

As you can see from the drawing above, I am still playing around with kitty cats and puppy dogs.
This one and the one I posted on June 1, are both from a series of animal photos where bunny rabbits are placed in unusual situations.
I have entitled this one: "How Embarrassing".
I mean it must have been very embarrassing for the dog when he was "asked" to pose with a bunny rabbit!
I imagine the poor dog is thinking: "What if my buddies saw me sitting here like this! How embarrassing."
Of course, I am also working on a new icon, but whenever I take a break, I look for photos of furry things to draw.
In fact, by the end of the week, I should have another icon in that first-draft stage which is when I initially share them with others.
Meanwhile, it's back to the kittens!

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