Saturday, 21 June 2008

Taking it Easy

I'm just taking it easy these days and drawing mostly things that are easy or playful. This drawing is entitled: "Orange Tulips" and was mostly an exercise in perspective.

Yesterday and today I was drawing a baby wearing sunglasses being kissed by a cat! It's a silly picture but I should be finished with it by the next time I post on Monday night.

I am considering a new icon, but it is a fairly complex one so I think I am sort of getting myself prepared by doing other things for a while. We'll see what happens.

I received some good news today and some really sad news.

The good news is about a cousin of mine and I will be sharing it with you soon as it involves a new website that she has created.

The sad news I can't share, but I would ask you to pray for my friend, Brenda, in the States -- if you are a praying person. Otherwise, please just send lots of good energy toward the southern U.S.

I am still taking my antibiotics and am hopeful that by the time I finish them next week I will completely well.

Peace be with you.

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