Monday, 9 June 2008

Too Hot for Me!

I know that there are a lot of people out there who are saying how much they have enjoyed this hot spell, but to be honest, it has been too hot for me!

I am grateful that the weather is changing tonight and more normal temperatures are predicted for the remainder of the week -- and I am especially glad that the humidity will be decreasing.

Humid weather is really hard on arthritic joints!

Anyway, back to my art work.

The drawing at the top is a new one. As you know from earlier postings, I never get tired of trying to draw horses.

This work is entitled "New Friends".

This next item is something from my past that I stumbled across recently while doing an Internet search.

I was looking for something totally unrelated when I noticed in the items that came up on the screen, a link to a magazine article with my name on it!

And even more confusing, it said the article was from the Canadian Family Physician magazine dated December 1985!

This is what I found. An article that I helped prepare back in the summer of 1985 while I was working as a research assistant for a local physician. I had completely forgotten about it.

The Internet is truly an amazing thing sometimes. For good or for ill, it now hold a tremendous amount of information about all of us.

Peace and many blessings to you all.

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