Friday, 27 June 2008

A Tree and Me (2)

Here is the icon of Our Lady with the Christ Child. It goes with the one of Christ the King that I posted on Wednesday.

And following is the continuation of the illustrated story I did in art therapy some years ago. Enjoy!

I had the most wonderful dream last night – did you not know that even trees can dream? In my dream, I stood tall and strong again the way I used to be. I stood on my hillside and there was no pain, no suffering. I was even dressed in my most beautiful autumn foliage.

Suddenly I heard the sound of children’s voices. As I looked up, I could see a lovely angel walking with two children

in the sunlit meadow below me. They seemed to be coming towards me and I felt so very happy as I knew that I looked so leafy and inviting.

But, then, just before they reached my hillside, they suddenly turned aside. They went instead towards an old, weather-beaten oak tree

where they sat down and begin to sing and play – leaving me alone in all my leafy beauty. I began to feel very sad and wondered why they had chosen that old tree instead of me.

(to be continued)

Peace be with you.

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