Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Tree and Me (3)

As you can see from the above drawing, I have been "playing" again. I am working on a new icon, but took a break to draw this funny kitty cat. The drawing is entitled: "Cat in a Fence"!

I am still trying to get a bit healthier -- hoping that I will soon feel better -- so, rather than listen to me complain, let's just move on to the next installment of my illustrated art therapy story from some years ago.

A Tree and Me continued...
The next day, while taking my afternoon nap, I had another dream. I saw myself as I am now: scarred and in pain, but still green. I was standing next to a lovely, little stream and surrounded by birds and covered with butterflies. You know how the butterflies swarm when they are migrating and how they need a place to rest. I must say, they do tickle just a bit!

Anyway, as the dream continued, I was suddenly aware of movement inside of me. I looked and there in my branches – right where the lightening had struck me so long ago – was a robins’ nest. The mother robin was sitting on the nest and the father robin was hovering close by. As I listened closely, I could hear the eggs underneath the mother bird starting to crack open. Both parents were very excited. I watched with delight as the babies struggled and the parents helped and soon there were four baby robins crying for food! What a noise that was.

As I watched the parents excitedly catching bugs and bringing food for their babies, I marvelled that an old and broken tree like me could be the home to new life.

I felt so very happy and promised myself that I would do my very best to protect this little family sheltering in my branches.

(to be continued)

May peace be with you.

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