Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Tree and Me

Here is the latest icon. It is entitled "Christ the King".

One interesting aspect of this drawing is the footstool. You can see that it is not drawn using normal perspective.

The reason for this is that objects in icons are traditionally drawn using reverse perspective. This may be an additional way of trying to show the difference between the icon and the normal material world. I will have to investigate this matter further.

As to the matter of the title for this posting, it is referring to a story I wrote and illustrated a few year ago while doing art therapy.

I was working with a wonderful nun who encouraged me to consider more deeply my strong attachment to trees.

Here is chapter 1 (the other chapters will follow in successive postings). I am writing this as though I am the tree.

"My home is on the side of a gentle hill in a temperate climate. I have been growing in this spot for many years and am showing all the signs of age. About eight years ago, I was struck by lightening which almost killed me but, instead, left me very wounded and scarred. I will never be the same again, but I am still alive and the sap flows each year more or less as it should. Some days the pain is so bad; however, that I almost wish I had been killed by the storm after all. Deep down, though, I am grateful that each day the birds, squirrels, bugs and other creatures find a safe place in my branches."

(to be continued)

Peace be with you all.

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