Saturday, 7 June 2008

Woofstock 2008

This is not a new drawing. In fact, I have used it both as it is here and also in a revised drawing with Christmas gifts as one of last year's Christmas cards.

But it seems very appropriate to use tonight as my neighbourhood is once again experiencing the annual Woofstock festival!

I had to go out the morning to run a few errands and was immediately overwhelmed by dogs from the smallest to the largest. Dogs and their "masters" were everywhere as were booths set up by vendors to try to get them to spend their money.

Being in a wheelchair meant that I almost had several accidents with overly-excited dogs and even had some dogs attempt to chase my chair -- probably thinking that it was some kind of small car. Anyway, I obviously made it home alive.

I spent the remainder of the day at home, staying cool.

Here is something else that you have seen previously. A drawing of St. Paul.

Since you last saw it, it has been revised a bit, but that is not the reason I wanted to post it again.

Rather, over the past few days, I have been doing a lot of research on my Greek lettering that is traditionally used on icons. I guess you could say that I am slowly teaching myself the rudiments of the Greek alphabet.

In the process, I have discovered that some of the words I have drawn on various icons are not quite correct. That was the case with St. Paul.

I have now corrected the spelling of his name and have also learned to read what I have written. I now know that the Greek says "Holy" and "Paulinus". Previously, I just assumed it was some form of St. Paul.

If those of you who know Greek see any mistakes, please let me know so that I will learn even more.

Speaking of icons again, reminds me that I received a very thoughtful comment from one of my viewers whose opinions regarding icons I respect. He wrote me:

"Just dropped in the say hi, congratulate you on the beauty and depth of your work, and offer an opinion about the "icon" controversy. I still think it's not the media, but the heart of the artist that matters. And that makes what you have done Iconic, to me."

Stay cool and be at peace.

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