Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Feeling Flowery

All this rain we have been having this month has made me feel quite flowery!

All the gardens are lush with greenery and with flowers of all sorts. Unfortunately, all the rain has not been so good for the farmers so we need to pray that August will be hot and dry.

Anyway, I have done a few flower drawings which I thought I should post tonight

This first one is called "Butterfly on a Sunflower". This is my first attempt to draw sunflowers and they are not as easy as they might look -- you need to give the impression of all those seeds.

I am not satisfied with this first effort so I am sure I will try again.

This next drawing is of Prairie Crocus -- which is what I am calling the drawing.

This appears to be a very interesting plant with seed pods which expel a cottony-like substance.

If anyone has ever seen this flower in the wild, I would really appreciate knowing more about it.

And finally, I have a drawing of an iris which I call "Purple Iris" (you can see that I remain as clever as ever when naming things!).

I have a real fondness for these flowers as my first satisfactory watercolour years ago was of a single iris.

I have been working on a couple of very unusual icons which I may be ready to post before week's end.

Meanwhile, as always, I wish you peace.

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