Saturday, 5 July 2008

Now is the Time

This two-part icon, entitled "Mater Dolorosa", was completed a number of weeks ago.

I thought about posting it at that time, but decided not to. My feelings about the icon were too close to the surface.

As the weeks have passed and other drawings and events have filled my life, I feel that now is the time to post it.

Probably the most sensitive aspect of this icon for me at the time of drawing had to do with the image of Our Lady -- as the Mother of Sorrows.

I actually separated the icon and now have this image of Our Lady hanging on my wall as an individual drawing.

In its single state, I call it "Our Lady of the Empty Hands".

This title comes from an image I saw in a dream in the month after my sister's death last year.

Of course, the image of Christ in His death is properly suited to go with the image of His Mother with her empty hands.

For all of us are left with empty hands at the death of those we love -- empty hands and the hope that we will meet again.

Peace be with you.

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