Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A Tree and Me (Conclusion)

HAPPY CANADA DAY! Hope you have had a wonderful celebration of Canada's birthday.

As you can see from the drawing above, I have been busy drawing another butterfly. I guess I will have to add them to my list of favourites! This one is entitled, "Another Butterfly".

And, now, for the conclusion of my art therapy story. As you may recall, my "assignment" was for me to get in touch with my special feelings for trees.

A Tree and Me -- the conclusion:

In the final dream I want to tell you about, I found myself feeling sad again as I remembered what it was like to be young and beautiful – free of scars and pain. I remembered the angel with the children and wondered again why they had chosen the old oak tree instead of me as a place to play. I imagined them playing under my autumn foliage as my leaves were falling. For a moment I felt happy again.

I also recalled the happiness I had felt when I dreamed about the butterflies and the robins and the new life hidden in my branches.

Suddenly, I looked up and there in front of me was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. She was carrying a child in her arms and he seemed to shine like the sun. They were smiling at me and they both reached out at the same time and touched me. I felt a warmth and happiness greater than anything I had ever known.

Then the Lady spoke and said: I am the Lady of Sweet Tenderness and this is my Child – the creator of all things, including you, dear tree. We have heard your cries of pain and suffering and we want you to know that you have not been abandoned.

Suffering is a natural part of life – especially as we grow older – but as you saw in your dreams, you are still able to give comfort and shelter to all the creatures who look to you as their home – their place of safety from the storms of life..

Do not be afraid, dear tree. No matter what happens, we will be with you and someday you will be born again into the heavenly kingdom. There you will be forever strong and beautiful and you will give eternal shade to the mansions of the sons and daughters of God.


When I awoke, I was the same old tree – scars, pain and all – but there was now within me a deep peacefulness that has remained. Now I find myself rejoicing in each moment as my life flows on into sunshine and birdsong – no longer afraid of what lies ahead.

The End.

Peace be with you all.

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