Saturday, 16 August 2008

Active Young Ladies

Lately I have felt like drawing young ladies -- very young and a bit older.

Here are two of my recent efforts.

This first one is obviously of a pianist. I will tell you now that drawing piano keys and sheet music are both very difficult and not something I will try again any time soon!

I call this one "Girl at the Piano".

This second drawing was a lot more fun.

I call it "A Girl and Her Chicken".

As you know, I used to have to take care of chickens when I was growing up. We had two big chicken yards and each day when I got home from school, I had to feed and water the chickens and gather and wash the eggs.

I like chickens even though they don't seem to be too bright. The one problem with them was how they would gang up on a weak or sickly member of the flock. I constantly had to watch for signs of "bullying" and when I found a bird that had bloody patches or feathers missing, I would move that bird to a separate pen until it was stronger.

I guess that is really not much different to what some people do -- and it seems to be a particular problem with young folks these days. I wonder if bullying has gotten worse because it can be done using computers?

You would think that people should be smarter than chickens!

Well, that is enough rambling for tonight.

May peace be with you all -- especially those who are weak and suffering.

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