Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Events of Sunday Past

Well, the special Mass that included the blessing of this icon of St. Edith Stein (as well as the icon of St. Paul) has come and gone.

It was a beautiful Liturgy and I am very happy to know that these icons will be an integral part of this parish in the days ahead.

Thanks to my dear friend, Eugene, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening's Liturgy, I was recognized and thanked publicly for my artistic efforts.

Many parish member thanked me after the Mass and told me how much they appreciated the icons. That was a special gift.

Following are some memorabilia from the event:

These are the designs of the prayer cards that were handed out after the Mass. They were designed by my friend, Eugene.
Here is the reverse side of each of the prayer cards.

And here are a couple of paragraphs from the back of the program for the Mass that mention me -- the artist.

All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to make a real contribution to the prayer life of a local parish community. I hope and pray that the icons will be a source of blessing for them all. I have truly been blessed by the whole experience from the initial discussions about the possibility of creating the icons to the past Sunday night when they were blessed with holy water by the parish priest.
My only complaint at this point is that I seem to have eaten something at the pot-luck dinner after the Mass that I was allergic to. As a consequence, I now have an itchy rash on both my arms! Ah, well, the price of fame!

I hope to be getting some photos from the event before long. When I do, I will share them with you as well.
Peace be with you all.

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brendajcarlson said...

I have reviewed the Icons and the text you added. You are so wonderful. I am blessed to have had you in my heart as my friend for all of these years. Keep up your wonderful work. You are making a very real contribution.
Love and Prayers,