Sunday, 24 August 2008

An Exciting Day

This is a very exciting day for me so I decided to post earlier in the day than usual. Otherwise, I might not have time later on.

This is the day when two of my icons are being blessed during a Mass at a local parish. I, the artist, will be present. The parish commissioned these two icons.

I will give you all the details in my next posting on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show you one of my latest flower drawings (above).

The plant is actually named "Fennel Flower" (Nigella damascena). My name for the drawing is simply "Lavender Flower".

Next, I want to show you two new drawings of trees I discovered lately.

This first one is of an arbutus tree -- they are so beautiful.

It was painted by a friend of mine who does large, glorious paintings -- a truly gifted lady.

Her name is Rose Marie Nicolucci and if you want to see more of her work, go to and click on her name.

This second tree is by an artist that has a booth across from the St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays during the summer. I showed you one of her other tree drawings last year.

I just happened to see her yesterday on my way home from shopping and couldn't resist buying a card with this print on it.

I love barren trees. I used to take loads of black and white photos of them. There is something about them that really speaks to me of the waiting for new life that all creation must do.

The artist's name is Julita Wolanska and her web site is

So now I had better go and start getting ready for my exciting evening activities.

Peace be with you all.

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