Sunday, 10 August 2008


Here is a recent icon of the Flight into Egypt.

I was actually planning on showing you another icon that I have been working on, but after seeing the news today about the forced flight of over 1,000 people from a section of Toronto, I decided this one was more appropriate.

For those of you who don't live in Toronto, there was a huge explosion in the northwest part of the City early this morning at a gas facility. A fireman is dead and the nighttime plant worker is missing. People were forced to evacuate the area, leaving behind homes and businesses with windows blown out, doors off hinges, etc. Most amazing is the fact that the 401 highway across the top of the city -- one of the busiest highways in North America -- was completely closed out of concern that there might be more explosions.

For now, all seems to be under control with a few hot spots being watched carefully. We are all hoping and praying that people will soon be able to return to their homes and that the highway will be re-opened before the morning rush hour.

Anyway, back to the icon. That is the Archangel Gabriel leading the horse. The city in the background is Bethlehem from which they are fleeing. The writing at the top is supposed to say "Flight into Egypt" in Greek. I can only hope that it is close to being correct.

So, I am asking the Holy Family to pray for all these Torontonians who had to flee their homes early this morning. The Holy Family also knew what it was like to flee from danger.

Here is a new icon of Our Lady with the Child Jesus.

This one was finished some weeks ago, but I had never gotten around to posting it.

Actually, it was an experiment in colour. I wanted to use only colours of one family. I did weaken and put a bit of blue on Our Lady. It almost has the appearance of a sepia print.

May peace be with all those affected by the Toronto disaster and with the rest of us as well.

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