Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Flowers and more Flowers

As you can see, I have been indulging my love of flowers again.

This first one is a plant I know as a "Mallow" -- which is the name I gave the drawing. The Latin name for this particular variety (called Silver Cup) is Lavatera trimestris.

They actually remind me a bit of Hibiscus.

This drawing is called "Ant on a Flower.

I like the fact that the picture contains buds in various stages, an open flower being eaten by an ant and the remains of a dead flower -- the whole story of birth, life and death.

The title of this final drawing is "Pentagon".

I do not know the name of this flower. The picture I was working from did not give a name. It looks as though it might be tropical as it appears to be growing on a tree.

If you know what it is, please write me.

Speaking of the tropics, our weather has a more tropical feel to it these days it seems to me. Almost every afternoon now we have another rain storm. This was the way the weather was this time of year in Florida when I lived there as a child.

I don't know if I mentioned it to you or not, but my St. Edith Stein icon is being used in a novena on a Catholic women's web site called Secretum Meum Mihi

If you are interested in seeing how it is being used, go and take a look.

Peace be with you.

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