Saturday, 2 August 2008

Four-Footed Creatures

I've been playing again -- taking a break from the detailed work of icon drawing.

This first drawing of "four-footed creatures" is entitled, "Mama Moose". I had never tried to draw a moose before and they are not as easy as they look.

Also, I was not really aware of how cute the young are. The adults are always so homely -- to put it kindly.

These next two drawings of are horses.

The first one is entitled "Tennessee Walking" as I think the horse is a Tennessee Walker.

This horse reminds me very much of the horse I had as a teenager.

This next drawing really reminds me of myself as a teenager.

I have called it "Danielle's Daughter" because the photo that I worked from is actually a photo of the daughter of a woman named Danielle!

There is truly something special about the relationship of a girl with a horse -- something good and wholesome.

My next posting will be on Monday which is a holiday for those of us here in Canada. So, may all of you who have a long weekend enjoy your extra day of rest.

Peace be with you.

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