Thursday, 28 August 2008

Little Children

I have been busily drawing children again!

This first drawing is entitled "Little Girl Watering". The idea for this picture came from thinking about how things are this time of year here in Ontario: the trees are starting to turn, the tomatoes are ripening on the vine, the melons and squash are ready for eating and the goldenrod and purple asters are in full flower.

This second drawing is entitled "Tyler and Trevor, Brothers".

These are the grandchildren of my dear friend, Joyce. As you can see, Trevor was born this summer. He seems to be trying to memorize the face of his big brother. Children are so precious -- we need to treat them with care.

This third drawing is entitled "Sister Dear Sister".

These are not children I know but I was attracted to the photograph of these two girls because they seem to be looking out at the world from two different viewpoints. I hope I was able to capture that.

The final drawing for tonight is entitled "Boy with Rice, the Philippines".
The idea for this picture came from a news photo of a boy in Manila carrying home a supply of rice. The accompanying article was about the recent scarcity of rice in the City of Manila and the implications for the future.

You may notice that I drew the background in such a way as to indicate activity by using different colours. Did it work?

For those of you who asked, yes, my rash is getting better. The ointment from the doctor seems to be doing the trick.

Peace be with you all.

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