Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I am feeling a bit nostalgic tonight. This may be because I had a good visit today with a very dear friend and we talked a bit about our lives -- past and present.

Even though my family was extremely dysfunctional, I do have many pleasant memories associated with growing up on a farm.

Most of these happy memories centre around livestock that I had to feed and care for.

This drawing of a series of barns and buildings is much grander than anything we had, but the concept is similar. This drawing shows three horses in the fenced-in pasture while we had only one, but that one was very special to me.

This drawing, by the way, is entitled "Evening Star".

This second drawing of cows in a sunny pasture also reminds me of my youth.

We only had two cows for milking -- something that it fell to me to do whenever my father had to work overtime at his factory job.

Occasionally, we would allow one of the cows to have a calf which meant we only had one cow to milk until the calf was weaned and sold. Seeing the sweet calf sold was one of the most difficult parts of the process for me.

This drawing is simply entitled "Cows in a Pasture".

This has been a beautiful day in Toronto and a very happy day for me. I am grateful.

I wish you all happiness and peace.

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