Sunday, 7 September 2008


In the recent past, I have shown you an icon made from two other icons. In that situation I was able to make the two icons fit together almost seamlessly.

Here I have a new icon made from two other icons but the two do not fit together seamlessly. In fact, it is obvious that the icon is composed of separate drawings.

This newest icon, by the way is entitled "Holy Protector of the Church" and shows Our Lady with her mantle of protection being held over the heads of Saints Peter and Paul who are holding an image of the Church in their hands.

This is experimentation on my part and I am not sure how effective it is. In order to allow you to see how it was done, I will show you the two new icons that this newest icon was composed from.

First is the drawing of Our Lady.

This icon is entitled "Our Lady, Protector". This image is usually seen as part of a much larger icon which shows the Virgin Mary with her mantle surrounded by many different aspects of the Church -- including pictures representing such things as the major feast days, etc.

This second aspect of my combined icon is the drawing of Saints Peter and Paul and is simply entitled "Ss. Peter and Paul"

They are holding a model building between them which, of course, represents the Church. In the centre of the opening to this structure is a baptismal font -- baptism being the sacramental entrance into the life of the Church.

If you have an opinion about my effort to combine these icons -- positive or negative -- I would really appreciate hearing from you. Just send me an email. Thanks.

Peace be with you.

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