Friday, 19 September 2008

Holy Families

Tonight's icons are about two holy families.

The first one is of the family of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Tradition has it that her parents were named Joachim and Anna and that she was an only child born when they were reaching middle age.

The story goes that their daughter, being an extremely intelligent child, was encouraged to study and that her education even included the Torah and other other Hebrew scriptures.

This icon expresses the closeness of that particular holy family. The word at the top of the icon is "family" in Greek. I had no way to find an equivalent in Greek for the names Anna and Joachim so I just wrote them in English using the Greek alphabet! The letters below the image of Blessed Mary are the usual Greek letters abbreviating her name.

This second icon shows a portion of the traditional Orthodox icon of the birth of Christ Jesus.

This depiction of Mother and Child is usually the largest section of the icon which also includes St. Joseph sitting dejectedly by himself, helpers washing a newborn baby, various angels and shepherds.

This section of an icon is sometimes used by itself on Christmas cards -- which is why I drew it this way. The Greek word at the top is supposed to be a word for birth as in birthday -- if I read the dictionary correctly, that is.

Leaving "holy families" behind, I wanted to show you this icon of the Resurrection which I showed you originally back on the 18th of August.

Why? Well, because some helpful person by the name of Anonymous sent me a comment this week, pointing out to me that I had made a mistake in the sub-title of this icon.

I had listed the subtitle as the "winnowing of Hell" when, in fact, it should have been the "harrowing of Hell".

When I got the comment, I immediately changed the wording in the posting for August 18 and also corrected the Greek, replacing "winnowing" with "harrowing".

I am not sure why Anonymous did not want to sign his or her name, but I am very grateful that they took the time to correct me. I always want to be corrected when I have made a mistake -- especially one as serious as this one. So I want to say "thanks" to Anonymous.

That's enough rambling for tonight. May peace be with you all.

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