Sunday, 21 September 2008

My Garden Grows

Even though my title is about "my garden", these drawings are not of garden flowers at all -- rather, they are of wild flowers.

Actually, my title really refers to my ever-growing "garden" of drawings of flowers.

This first one is called "Virginian Spring Beauties". It is truly a beautiful wildflower and sometimes looks more pink than the white that I have drawn.

The ladybugs in this drawing are busily filling their ecological niche!

As I have mentioned previously, I do like ladybugs and whenever I saw them as a child, I always took time to tell them: "Ladybug, ladybug fly away home; your house is on fire and your children are alone."

This next drawing of of the common "Hedge Bindweed".

It has a pretty flower but it can be a nuisance when it grows where it isn't wanted! I can remember my mother trying with some difficulty to untangle them from our hedge!

I think that is all I will say tonight. I haven't been feeling well today -- hopefully I will be feeling better by Tuesday when I will be posting again.

Peace be with you all.

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