Friday, 5 September 2008


As you can see, I have been playing again!

Not only have I been drawing pictures of children -- these are pictures of children playing.

This first one is called "Have a Cookie". I stole the toys in the drawing from my computer files.

After I drew the chocolate chip cookies, I found myself craving one! I settled for a piece of dark chocolate instead. Yum.

This second drawing is of my nephew's little boy, Daniel.

They took a photo of him at the beach in Florida last year and put it on their calendar for 2008. They make the nicest calendars each year for family Christmas gifts.

Here he is very intently looking for treasures in the shallow water.

This final drawing is entitled: "Piggy-Back Ride".

So often when I am at the market on Saturday I see young families coming to shop. A surprising number of them have two,three or more young children. When that is the case, there usually seems to be one of them that gets to ride on daddy's shoulders.

I love to watch their faces. They are so excited about being up so high and they often laugh with delight when I wave at them.

I rejoice that they appear to be experiencing a happy childhood. What a wonderful gift.

Peace be with you.

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