Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sweet Pea and Me

One of my favourite flowers is the lowly Sweet Pea.

For some reason, this flower has been a part of my history. Wherever I lived in the south, it was always growing somewhere close by. These days I never see it growing and I miss the flowers and the sweet scent.

This first drawing (above) is my playful attempt at drawing the flowers on a single branch as best I remembered what they looked like. But now let me tell you a bit about the story of me and Sweet Pea...

Here is photo taken of me with my mother and one of my sisters. We are standing in our back yard in Tennessee in front of a trellis covered with Sweet Pea flowers. Behind this trellis was a large field where I played with my friends. The flowers often played a part in our games (much to my mother's disgust). We would twist them together into our princess crowns or use them for food at our pretend tea party!

When I was older, maybe 12 or 13, I was staying with a family friend so that I could attend an evening event at my school. This wonderful woman, named Mrs. Williams, decided I needed a corsage and went out into her backyard where she cut some Sweet Pea flowers and wove them together into my very first corsage. It made me feel so beautiful!

I did this next drawing of a puppy dog because the photo reminded me of a dog I knew named Sweet Pea. She looked a lot like this one and was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known.

All my experiences with this flower or things named for this flower have been sweet. I guess you would have to say that it truly is one of my favourites.

Peace be with you.

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