Saturday, 25 October 2008

The 4th Sorrowful Mystery

Here is my most recent drawing -- a depiction of Christ on his way to be crucified. The "carrying of the cross" is the 4th mystery of the five sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary.

As you probably know, after Christ was beaten with whips and crowned with thorns, he was told to pick up his cross and carry it to the top of a hill where the Romans crucified their prisoners.

Jesus tried to carry the cross, but after all he had been through, he kept falling under the weight of it. So the Roman soldiers grabbed a man from the crowd, a man from Cyrene by the name of Simon, and made him carry the cross for Christ.

So, although this mystery is normally called "Christ carries his cross", I have given it a Greek title which is supposed to say "Christ's Cross". I did this, obviously, because I show Simon carrying the cross and not Jesus.

I purposely used very striking colours for the rocks as I wanted to try to show that even the earth seemed to be sweating blood at this horrible event unfolding.

The two figures you see at the top of the rocks represent Mary, the Mother of Jesus while next to her is the only male disciple who never ran away after the arrest of Jesus -- St. John. Then there are two Roman soldiers and behind them, two angry onlookers who are ready to kill Jesus themselves if the Romans don't do it. Remember, many of the people who had hoped Jesus was the Jewish Messiah were angry and disappointed because Christ had not called forth an army of angels and driven the Romans out of their land.

I hope I have been able to portray some of the tragedy of this event.

Now I want to show you a photograph I came across recently.

This scene (which did not scan very well) was taken by my friend, Dennis Adams. He is an extremely talented photographer and this was on the cover of his Christmas card several years ago. It is entitled "Winter Morning" and I hope my finding it among my treasures recently is not an omen as to the kind of winter we are going to have!

May peace be with you all.

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