Sunday, 5 October 2008

Christmas and other stuff

This is my final Christmas card image for this year and is entitled: "Dear Carrot".

I really thought I had already posted it, but now I think not. However, I am so befuddled these days for various reasons that if I have posted it previously, you will just have to bear with me!

Anyway, this card plus the three Baby Jesus icons I showed you previously, are my offerings for Christmas 2008.

As far as the "other stuff" mentioned in my title, I have been thinking a lot about wolves lately. Yes, wolves.

When I was still in university back in 1970-71, I worked for a wonderful man, a professor of Zoology by the name of Dr. Douglas Pimlott. Dr. Pimlott has since died, but his specialty was the study of wolves and I learned so much from being his secretary and working with his graduate students.

By the way, 1970 was over 10 years since I had graduated from high school; however, I did my university degree by working and taking courses at the same time. As you can imagine, it took me a bit longer this way!

Anyway, back to the wolves. Dr. Pimlott taught me to appreciate them as fellow creatures on the planet and to stop thinking of them in "little red riding hood" terms.

Following are some photos of wolves:

A young adult looking magnificent.

Howling in delight!

A family member guarding the den.

A wolf cub.

Now, here is the reason I have been thinking about wolves so much lately. This lady evidently likes to shoot them from a helicopter with a high-powered rifle. I just don't understand her thinking.

Personally, I consider myself to be pro-life -- for all living things, however.
Whenever mankind's greed causes Nature to get out of balance, our attempts at trying to put things back in balance never seem to work. And even worse, what we usually do in these efforts is cruel and causes us to stop seeing other living things with any compassion.
For me, I believe that all living things -- from the smallest cell to the largest accumulation of cells -- struggle to stay alive just as much as I do. So, I had better have a mighty good reason for killing them -- and greed is definitely not a good enough reason.
May peace be with all creation.

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