Saturday, 11 October 2008

Drawing Horses

I love trying to draw horses -- partly because I am so fond of horses and partly because they are such a challenge for me to draw. You would think I would be getting better at it after all these years of trying, however....

This first drawing is simply entitled "Full Gallop" and reminds me of how I used to ride my horse, Skipper, along those Alabama logging roads around our property. All it would have taken would have been a hole in the road for both of us to have had a serious tumble -- but I couldn't resist -- there is nothing like the feeling of riding a powerful horse at full gallop with the wind in your hair and the sound of those pounding hooves in your ears.

This second drawing is simply entitled "3 Horses" even though one of them is a colt!

I am really not very pleased with this one as, to me, the adult horses don't look quite right -- a bit misshapen, I think.

They remind me of a story I read once about a lady visiting a family who lived on a horse farm. She was playing with the children and she suggested that they get out the crayons and draw pictures. When they asked her what they should draw, she suggested that they draw horses. She thought this would be fun for the youngsters and secretly she felt she could draw a pretty good horse.

When she finished her drawing and showed it to the children, one of the younger ones said something like: "I thought we were supposed to draw horses and you have drawn a goat, I think"!!

With a very deflated ego, she looked at the children's perfectly drawn horses and had to admit that by comparison, her "horse" really looked very unlike the real thing.

She decided that since their knowledge of horses came from working with them every day, they intuitively understood how all the parts fitted together. She then went on and applied this lesson to other areas of our lives. However, I have always remembered the story about the horses and I think about it every time I try to draw one myself.

Peace be with you all.

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