Thursday, 23 October 2008

Flowers and Birthdays

Here are some more flowers I have drawn recently. This first one is entitled "Another Purple Orchid" (that's because I named a drawing back in 2006 "Purple Orchid").

This time I decided to do something extra with it. This is something I often do with my drawings when I want to use them for greeting cards of one kind or another.

As you can see, I used the flower drawing and added a couple of wine glasses and a birthday card -- like a table decorated by a husband before his wife gets home from work on her 30th birthday, for example. The card standing on the "table" puts the words "happy birthday" on the front of the card in an unusual and interesting way.

This is the great thing about drawing on the computer -- I can make a copy of the original drawing and then add whatever I want to without disturbing the original.

The final drawing I want to show you is named "Christian Lilies"! Bet you didn't know that flowers can be Christians. Well, really they can't, but the name comes from the fact that the drawing in the frame is of a little boy named Christian and the flowers are lilies -- so I thought it would be cute to call the drawing Christian Lilies. You can see that I am as clever with titles as usual!

Anyway, this is a type of still life and I am actually thinking about using the drawing as the cover for the birthday card I will be giving to Christian's grandmother next year.

I guess I am very aware of greeting cards as I just completed a large order for Christmas cards. It is difficult to believe that we are only two months away. Where has the year gone?

May peace be with you all.

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